Bike shorts or cycling shorts are a sporty garment worn by people who are devoted to bike sport. Cycling shorts are not just worn to make you feel like a biker; it is indeed an essential piece of garment for those who cycle. The bike shorts men or women wear are extremely important and have many advantages to them. If you want to know the necessity of wearing cycling shorts, keep reading the article.

The Design

Cycling shorts are designed to fit your body and support your position when you cycle. You can wear pants, but I can assure you they aren’t going to give you the same comfort as shorts do. Cycling shorts aren’t just made for chilling; they have science incorporated in them; for example, they are made from eight to twelve vertical panels which provide extra curvature. The seam is so flat you won’t feel anything when you ride your bike. If you fear the legs might be too loose and affect your focus, there is nothing to fear as the shorts have grippers at the bottom of the legs to keep the clothing firm.

The Material

Speaking of fabric, your fabric material for cycling shorts should be breathable and durable. Toss out the shorts to trash if they aren’t stretchy. Shorts like these need to be stretchy as your muscles will contract and relax continuously during the activity preventing the shorts from tearing. Also, stretchy fabrics can support your muscles and stimulate blood flow. If your blood doesn’t flow properly to your muscle, it can cause painful cramps. Another plus of having such fabric is that the material can breathe, keeping the moisture away from your skin.

The Liner

There is a padded liner inside your cycling short. That liner is called chamois. Chamois protects your crotch area from chafing and getting hurt. If you are a guy, you need this padded liner to guard your groin area. Sitting on a bike saddle can create pressure on your nerves and arteries between genitals and your buttocks, and you don’t want that! A chamois also protects your part from bacteria and thus prevents infection caused by them. Look for the right shape and size as a chamois can come in many sizes. It’s best to consider choosing a liner that is made of open-cell foam.

The Style

Biker’s shorts are traditionally slim cut, but the industry is evolving. There are several options for you to choose from, so if the slim cut isn’t your best suit, you can choose a different one. Now, you can say that you can switch the shorts to something more relaxed. Here is the catch! Although the biker’s shorts look straightforward and tedious, it is designed to provide comfort and protection during cycling, which the regular shorts don’t have. Styles like baggies look like hiking shorts but have cycling shorts inside can be a good variation for men. As for women, a short with a skirt hiding underneath is another option for biker shorts. Both man and women also can wear Hestra gloves for their style while taking part to bike sport.

There you have it, some crucial benefits of wearing cycling shorts for both men and women. The next time you shop for a biker’s short always keeps these things in mind.