This world is full of amazing people. Every person comes with certain traits that make them awesome. But you might not have heard about wheelchair guys who prove they are not pessimistic at all. These guys below in stories with lightweight power wheelchairs are just amazing. Read yourself and enjoy!

Super Cool Wheelchair

Bikers always love to ride and feel extremely bored when they have nothing to drive. You may imagine how hard it will be for a biker to see other ridings when they can’t use because they suffered from an injury. A man namely Alan Martin designed a lightweight power wheelchair for his son who was paralyzed. This power wheelchair is a beast and goes from zero to sixty in just 8 seconds and can travel up to 105 mph. This bike matches all other heavy bikes in terms of safety.
But the best thing about this lightweight power wheelchair is it can beat any other best power bike. This three-wheels power chair has a strong power button that is to make sure the rider doesn’t fall out the back any time. This is truly an awesome gift from an awesome father for his disabled son.

Golf Carts for Senior Citizens

In most of the retirement communities people living are amazing and of old ages. Their life is restricted and they only want to spend time with loved ones, friends or neighbors. But you will be shocked with amazement to learn that there is an area in Central Florida called the Villages where retired old people have their own passion for driving odd and weird carts.
The villagers have designed their own carts and one of them went to too far when he developed a yellow Hummer-H3 like cart with alligator skin in interior because they heard it was legal. This passion for huge carts has gone way too far and there is a bunch of old guys who you will find all the time driving their asses off around the village.

World’s Coolest Chair

A 62-year-old man namely Dennis Anderson just deigned the coolest wheelchair in the world. He created his chair based on his fantasies, sweet ideas and imaginations. This chair travels with 24 km/h and has a parachute as well. Anderson was allowed to drive his chair wherever he wanted. One night, he was drunk and drove it straight to a parked car on his way to home. Later, he had an excuse that a girl jumped over his chair. However, it was not the case and police found him guilty of driving while drunk. The chair was seized and sold on eBay for $10,000.

Fire Breathing Wheelchair

Lance Greathouse is incredibly a crazy man. His goal is to make the coolest and simply crazy wheelchairs. Once he decided to make a wheelchair that looks more like a weapon and the ultimate product was just awesome. It was a fire-breathing electric wheelchair. The construction and design of the chair was unbelievable because it had a seat from a Marine rescue helicopter and it could travel up to 22 km/h.