No one wants to deal with cancer. We diagnose our body with different types of check-ups to stay away from it. Unfortunately, some people do get affected by cancer. In the past, it was pretty impossible to cure people of cancer. Luckily enough, we have passed through that phase successfully.

Medical technology has advanced so much that we can even cure a cancer patient with proper treatment. We have different types of therapy, depending on the patient’s condition and cancer stage. Here are some personalized cancer care therapies and treatments that help immensely.   


Although we have a much more efficient alternative for treatment, the old way works just fine. The procedure takes out the tumor that grows nearby the tissues. Before getting surgery, you must consult with a doctor specializing in cancer, also known as a “surgical oncologist.” 

The specialist will tell you whether you have cancer or not; and which part of the body it is located or affecting. Surgery is performed mainly in the clinic or hospital. Depending on the stage and type of cancer, the specialist will perform the surgery. The surgeon might give you a small amount of anesthesia so that you feel no pain.


Chemotherapy is a  therapy that aims to kill cancer cells. It works by keeping the cancer cells from growing, dividing, and making more cells. This treatment is more effective because the drugs reduce the growth of the cancer cells, which grow and divide faster than normal cells. 

Although the drugs used in chemotherapy are potent, they can still cause damage to healthy cells. Because of this, it might cause some side effects.

Hormone Therapy

This therapy is a personalized cancer treatment that adds, blocks, or removes a particular hormone in the body. It is also known as hormonal or endocrine therapy. There are some cancer cells that use the body’s natural hormones to increase their growth.

It is critical to know that the hormone therapy for cancer treatment is not the same as hormone replacement or menopausal hormone therapy.

Bone Marrow Transplant

A bone marrow transplant is a personalized cancer therapy that replaces the bone marrow with healthy cells. This transplant is also known as a hematopoietic stem cell or a stem cell transplant. 

This type of transplantation is helpful to treat people who have diseases like cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and other blood and immune system-related disorders that affect the bone marrow.

Cancer Vaccines

These are medicines that help the body fight diseases. Vaccines can control the immune system and detect harmful germs and cells to destroy it. They are also quite useful to prevent cancer from coming back, also stopping the tumor from growing and spreading.

Final Thoughts

Diagnosed with any type of cancer can be life-threatening. It takes a lot of tolls both physically and mentally. 

These are some methods of diagnosing and treating cancer stages mentioned above. If you or someone from your family is diagnosed with cancer, my advice is to support them and schedule an appointment with the oncologist.