LED bulbs are super popular now because thanks to the choke-full of benefits they have on us. They are energy-efficient, practical, durable, and very affordable. Not only that, but they are available in any industrial electrical supply store. That’s why people have turned to LED lights bulbs. That’s cool, right? Well, yes, but there are cooler things and facts about LED bulbs. Wanna know what are those? Let’s talk about them.

Fact-1: LEDs have been around for six decades

It’s not at all a new concept. LEDs existed 50 years ago when General Electric first invented them in the early 60s. The reason why it didn’t surface before is due to the fact that before 2000 the materials with which LEDs were constructed were very expensive, and that’s why it limited the number of applications that LEDs were typically used. Now, the materials have become cost-effective enough that the lights became affordable.

Fact-2: LEDs lights contain no mercury or toxic gases

Do you know why LED lights are deemed safe and efficient? This is because they contain no mercury, harmful gases, or phosphates like fluorescent lamps. Therefore it’s much more tough and eco-friendly. It also doesn’t harm humans or animals and can be recycled. Some sources even claim that 95% of the LED bulbs can be recycled.

Fact-3: LED bulbs can last more than the other form of light bulb

When I say long-lasting, LED bulbs can last more than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, imagine that. These lights convert all the energy and use it for light. This means that it is intensely energy efficient and saves as much electricity. While incandescent lights last for 1000 hours and fluorescent lights for 50,000 hours, LED bulbs outshine all of them by staying lit for 100,000 hours. 

Fact-4: LED lights keep bugs away

Unlike LED lights, incandescent bulbs produce UV or infrared light. Insects and bugs tend to be drawn to this type of light source, and having incandescent lights will only help them enter your house. LED lights don’t have any UV radiation or many infrared lights, and therefore they will keep the bugs away from your home at night. Another reason why we love LEDs.

Fact-5: LEDs preserve the food nutrients and quality

Do you know that Ultraviolet radiation tends to break down the nutrients of food? LED lights don’t emit any harmful gases or compounds, nor do they emit any kind of UV rays, and this means that they are entirely safe besides food. So, it’s best for markets or shops to use LED lights for lighting food products rather than using other light sources. The food nutrients and quality will thus stay intact. Keeping this in mind, many refrigerator companies are incorporating LEDs light bulbs inside the fridge.

Fact-6: LEDs can save billions of USD every year

According to some reports, LED lights can save billions of US dollars per year. The estimate varies from country to country, but a gross report has stated this. Now, take a little time to imagine how much money is being saved worldwide by using LEDs? That will be a whopping amount of money for sure! Hurry up and buy the lights from the wholesale electric supply.


Interesting facts, aren’t they? What are some of the fascinating facts we were talking about? Hope you enjoyed and probably wowed reading these facts. One more thing, if you are looking for wholesale electric supply online, check Electric Supply Depot.