Here are some crucial and deadly SEO mistakes you should not make, according to a social media management company. These mistakes are dangerous and no business can withstand these.

1. Keyword Mistakes

There are a number of mistakes of keywords business websites make. First, they stuff the keywords and it is really harmful for the business nowadays. Previously it was an acceptable practice but now it declared obsolete. Second, they use wrong keywords or rank the website against one keyword. Do some research and work on more keywords that are best relevant to your business and products.

2. Poor Content Quality

Content has always been of great significant for SEO of a business website. If you have spun content or you have plagiarized it, you will face penalty from Google and the site might be blocked or spammed. Content must be of highest quality, interesting, informative and very relevant. This is the content that drives new users to a website and then they become potential customers.

3. Ignoring Mobile-Friendliness

The SEO experts and all social media management companies know that mobile phones are the biggest source of online traffic. Yet they ignore it and don’t develop mobile websites. Either they have a single desktop website that is not compatible with phone versions or they have two separate sites. These mistakes are serious. There should be one website that is desktop and mobile friendly.

4. Poor Site Optimization

When it comes to optimization of a website, it includes a lot of things. The website design should be attractive, it must be responsive, should load instantly, images must load in no time, fonts size should be bigger, images should be of the best quality and the like. These factors have a great impression on the users and customers. Making these mistakes literally ruins a business.

5. No Social Media Presence

For a business, social media is very effective. And if someone, owning a business, ignores the power and influence of social media for their business, they are making a blunder. They must understand social media provides overnight fame. You don’t know when your product or offers get viral. Moreover, social sites are really helpful to connect with customers and get their feedback for improvement of services and products.

6. Ignoring Local Traffic

Small businesses depend on local traffic and clients. With websites, you have more potential to sell your products and make an impact in the market. This impact leads to influence and a day comes you become one of the top competitors. Never ignore the local audience and clients. They are actually the one who make a business successful.

6 SEO Mistakes That Your Business Can't Afford To Make

Bonus: More Mistakes That You Should Avoid

We have discussed some of the most important mistakes and covered them in a way that nothing is left. However, some other mistakes that should not be ignored are here:

  • Not using analytics for records and assessment
  • not auditing website regularly
  • not using unique tags and meta descriptions
  • not using anchor text practices
  • ignoring internal link structure
  • not prompting content sharing
  • no call to action for users/customers
  • slow loading pages and
  • having a too general audience