Want to know which are the most beautiful hospitals in the world? Read on!

1. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

It is located in Michigan, USA which has recently expanded to fully serviced hospital from a small building of medical office. As it has recently built, the architecture and structure is jaw dropping with a next level of modernization. It is also Michigan’s first organic hospital based greenhouse around 1500 square foot that offers a relaxing and calm environment to patients. This hospital also offers a nutrition based classes to people considering the increasing obesity issues in the state other than having a stellar RIS PACS system.

2. Prince of Wales Private Hospital

It is located in Sydney, Australia with both shared and private facilities along with modern amenities. Their exterior is designed with structural steel framing and glass using some beautiful yet unique architectural techniques that complement the overall modern style quite nicely.

3. McKay-Dee Hospital Center

It is located in Ogden, Utah state of USA which was found in 1910. It has been beautifully renovated by Texas based architectural firm in early 2000s and was selected as Olympic Family Hospital for Olympic Games in 2002. Its PACS and RIS system is fast and secure. This hospital has also been selected among top 100 hospitals of the nation due to the recent renovations in last century along with their services they offer being a part of Intermountain Healthcare System. It is specialized for the treatment of heart, vascular diseases, cancer and emergency services for general cases.

4. Forest Park Medical Center


It is located in Dallas, USA with some amazing state of the art amenities and a stunningly jaw dropping architecture. You would find some really beautiful interior spaces, auditoriums and modern lounges with some amazing range of color combinations. Even the rooms for patients are made with hardwood floors to give them a warm and comfortable feeling. You would also love the exterior of this hospital as they have made a drive thru banking, pharmacy, restaurants and many other retails services which make this place more than a hospital.

5. St. Luke’s Medical Center


It is located in Philippines was found in 1903 and have received international accreditation and recognized as one of the best hospitals in the entire world. They get patients from around the world due to the amenities and services they offer including a foolproof RIS PACS system. This hospital also gets some regular renovations to keep their top position among the best hospitals of the world.

6. The London Clinic


As the name suggests, this hospital is located in London, UK and was built considering the comfort level of patients. This made them use the soothing colors for interior with some amazingly stunning amenities while kept their exterior simple and attractive in modern style.

7. Klinik Hirslanden

It is located in Zurich, Switzerland having beautifully designs of modernized interior and exterior. They offer some really royal amenities to their patients along with keeping fresh flowers in each room which are changed thrice every day. The patients do not even need an attendant there as the hospital itself offers a Guest Relation service which is responsible to care for the patients’ personal concerns.