A 2019-20 study said that there are reportedly 136.4 million households in the US that possess a pet. Let’s just say only two people live in these households. So, they’re at least 272 million pet owners in this country only! (& that’s approximate!)

If you’re also a pet owner, you’ve indeed thought of having a career that involves caring for animals at some stage of your life, right? Why wouldn’t you anyway? It will be wonderful to get compensated for doing something you love!

Now, if you’re the person who is still considering the pet care industry or want to shift, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about different pet care occupations and what you should expect from working in this field!

Let’s read the article to know more before you look for “online pet care”.

#1 Vet Surgeon

The name ‘vet’ will be the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about pet care professions. A vet surgeon’s office is the first place to go when we see that our pets aren’t doing well or need medical care.

Veterinarians, also known as veterinary physicians or veterinary surgeons, are responsible for more than just our pets’ welfare. They also research livestock medical problems. Their jobs may seem more manageable, but their responsibilities are more complex than a human doctor!

#2 Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinary assistant helps their seniors in clinic activities. However, they primarily work with training the animals and kennel work. You have to be compassionate and have patience for these kinds of jobs.

#3 Dog Walker

Walking is as essential for pets as it is for humans. Busy families often hire someone to walk their dogs. You can be a private dog walker (freelancer!) or look for dog walking agencies to start working in this position. A dog walker’s average hourly income can go up to $17.50 per hour!

#4 Pet Sitters

This profession is kind of similar to babysitting. You’ll be caring for a pet instead of a child. One of the advantages of pet sitting is that your client list will only increase over time. It can happen faster than you think because people often recommend each other (word of mouth!) to find pet sitters.

#5 Pet Boarding

Pet boarding staff take care of eating, grooming, delivering medicine, and keeping the kennels tidy. Their works fall between a pet sitter and a veterinarian assistant. However, you may have to carry 40-50 pounds occasionally. Also, you may have to work 7 days a week, because pet-boarders work on holidays too.

#6 Dog Groomers

If you like seeing poodles and chow chows have their hair clipped, as well as the Maltese that seems to get the hair washed more often in a day than you do in a week, perhaps the dog grooming career may not be unfamiliar to you. If you’re the artistic kind, dog grooming could be double as much fun for you.

#7 Dog Trainers

Lastly, let’s not forget the mighty trainers. Pet trainers teach our pets to listen, obey, and “have manners”. It’s just as important as caring for them health-wise. Well-behaved dogs make life easier for the respective parents.