Let’s know why foldable smartphones are a bad idea.

1. Wear and Tear on the Flexible Portion

A flexible polymer material shows the wear and tear if we try to fold it a hundred thousand times. This property of the flexible polymer material shows that the foldable phones are prone to erosion. The hinges of this phone will remain intact if the phone is not tried to fold but if you fold it will eventually show corrosion and wear and tear. So, choose a normal smartphone from best phone plans.

2. Size Does Matter

The foldable phones which are introduced by Samsung, Lenovo and others are being conceived as a fancy phone. But the reality is a bit more different, the bigger size makes it more vulnerable to falling. Moreover, this type of phone is also not feasible to fit into your pant pocket let alone the pocket of your shirt.

3. A Phone Equals Hardware Plus Software

All the available phones in the market are the combination of hardware and software. And today’s software is not viable for the folding phones. The great provision of space in your foldable phones will leave you thinking of what to do with all that available space. Moreover, the cutting of the screen into the middle of your view will also make you confuse and Spartan.

4. Hardware is Hard

The hardware of these phones is not flexible. The other parts of this device need flexibility. And if Samsung and other companies want to make extra money by selling more and more phones, they must think about some other innovative ideas rather than putting the foldable phones in the market. The disastrous experience of the customers will turn them to use other companies’ phone rather than using their phones.

5. Eventually They Will Break

The foldable phones are easy to use if they are folded all the time. This is also another bad feature of the folded phones. Because the folded phone’s screen will eventually break down into two pieces if it is folded many times a day, say 30k times in its lifetime.

6. The Designs Are Still Clunky

Conversion of smartphones into a tablet is the main selling point of foldable phones. But the companies are not grasping the idea that if a person needed a tablet to hold it around all the time, then he must buy a tablet rather than picking a foldable phone from the market. You can buy your favorite smartphone with best phone plans.

7. They Are Too Expensive

The price factor is also adding fuel to fire. Samsung charges 20 percent more than the regular Galaxy Note for its Note Edge. And the price hikes of smartphones in 2019 are also another bad factor for not buying this foldable smartphone. Samsung is now taking twice as much as another top model smartphone. The price bump will also make you uncomfortable to spend your hard-earned money on a foldable phone which does not deserve a lot of money because of its bad quality. You can buy a reliable smartphone and a tablet with Telstra phone plans at the price of a foldable smartphone (and you might still save some money for accessories).