Have you ever felt the gloominess of losing your favourite doggo? If you’ve, you probably know that it’s not a very pleasant experience. You probably want to take precautions to secure your dog if it gets lost the next time. Using a QR code for dog tags is the best precaution you may take.

According to the American Humane Association, one out of every three dogs goes missing at least once in their lives. Furthermore, almost 10 million pets are missing or stolen per year. Just about 23% of abandoned dogs are found and returned to their owners.

With the increasing amount of missing dogs and the dangers associated with them, QR code technology comes to your aid. You can be reunited with your dog quickly, thanks to the dog QR code tag.

However, safety isn’t the only reason to use QR codes. Here are two inventive uses for QR codes on dog tags. Let’s read the writing before you look for “buy emergency survival kit”.

#1 A QR Code for Potential Pet Influencers on Instagram

It’s not uncommon for pets to get their own Instagram accounts. From travel to pets, the influencer market has grown. Via Instagram, animal lovers can be reached, sponsorships can be obtained, and viewer followings can be increased by allowing dedicated fur parents to share their tales.

You should transform your pet’s Instagram account into a QR code if you have one. By scanning the Instagram QR code with their smartphones, users will post their Instagram profiles. Creating an Instagram QR code would also help your dog gain more fans.

Copy your dog’s Instagram profile URL after you’ve built your Instagram account. Then choose the Instagram icon from a QR code generator. After you’ve pasted the URL, you can start customizing your QR file.

Following that, you can openly post and print your pet’s Instagram QR code, which you can then attach to its collar.

#2 Make A Single QR Code for All of Your Pet’s Social Network Accounts

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat are all good options to make your doggo famous. You should build a Social Media QR code to maximize your pet’s followers and quickly exchange direct links to your pet’s social media accounts.

When searching using a mobile, a Social Network QR code can redirect to a website that links and connects all of your pet’s social media networks.

Go to a QR code generator after you’ve built your pet’s social networking profiles. Select the type of social network QR codes and fill up all of your pet’s social media accounts. Then create and personalize your QR code. Before print, the QR code, make sure to try it.

By printing the QR code on your dog’s tag, you can increase the number of people who track your pet on social media. You should make the dog carry the QR code-equipped dog tag if you’re going to a special gathering for pet influencers.

Most notably, the data of a social network QR code may be tracked. So, you can now know the number of scans, venue, and devices used.