When you are finding a piece of luxury furniture for a new house, is a hard preposition. Many people while buying their furniture walk through the store at discount prices.

 This type of furniture is not realistic.  You are unlikely to find the pieces that have shiny finishes and perfect upholstery. We do not look at past the surface of a piece of furniture and try to see its bones.

For instance

• Is the dining table is of good quality wood?

• Is that armchair stuffed and comfortable?


Furniture is well renowned not only for its luxury trade, comfort, and unique designs.

But, the furniture has an absolute exclusive and emotional experience.

By creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted.

 It passes the feelings of exclusivity. Walking into a furniture store without a plan can just lead to confusion and frustration.

The DA VINCI LUXURY FURNITURE brand has a collection worldwide. They have a selective network of interior designers and luxury retail stores.


The living room has long since overtaken the kitchen as the heart of home.

Moreover, your living room says about than any other room in your house. Traditionally, it is the premier room where guest spends the most time, giving them plenty of chance to appreciate, admire or judge your style.

The living room is the communal space and often the most visible part of your home. And it is good to know that the way it is decorated. It often leads people to make certain assumptions about you as a person. The key is to find a balance between beauty and function.


Sofa plays a leading role in a place at which conversation, relax, rest, reading, etc is made.

So, it is really important to choose the one that best suits, you. Whether for space, aesthetics, function or price you need to know the main features of a designer sofa . It is the central element of our houses both indoors and outdoors. And it is extremely important in living rooms.

In addition, the sofa is the most important thing around which all of your living room is settled.

Need to buy a new designer sofa

You’re sofa may looks shabby with kids, pets and steady stream of guests visiting. Your sofa is most likely gained its fair share of stains and scratch marks. The sofa is the first things people notice when they walk into a room. So, do not let it ruin the overall picture of your beautiful living room.

I will guide you in your choice, letting you discover the trendiest luxury product.

There is luxury, contemporary, designer and modern furniture from many furniture brands.  These are available for their living room, dining room, bedroom office or outdoor space.

KENDO SOFA (less space more elegancy)

There is no way that you can make a corner designer sofa taking up the majority of two walls in your living room. Moreover, the corner sofa will always become the focal point for your living room. So, you have to choose the perfect piece for it.

You can browse through DA VINCI LUXURY FURNITURE 

Once your sofa is perfectly positioned, you can build your living room around it. You may start with some scatter cousins. But, do not go with something that will blend in with your sofa. Make them colorful, let them stand out. In addition to it, you may go with a coffee table, a well-chosen rug, portrait to hang on wall or curtains. As long as you make the sofa the central piece, the rest will come quite easily.

In the world of luxury furniture, offering a luxury furniture production with modern aspect from excellent production experience.  It comes to a proposal that combines the luxury and sophistication of craftsmanship with a more modern and elegant taste.

Made in Italy luxury furniture a reason of great success

The luxury furniture  that is made in Italy, designs to realization. There is a peculiar characteristic that we can understand. In many industries, especially in those related to food and beauty, made in Italy production always seem to be a step forward, special and inimitable.

Indeed made in Italy productions often stand for luxury, good taste and quality.

Summoning up by stating that sofa is the essential element of living room. It is to be characterized by elegant and modern design after paying attention to every single detail. Even those might seem of less significant, perfect in all its parts, is created, a flawless element.  A sofa is worthy of being displayed within the most exclusive living room to make it look luxurious which can only be found on FURNITURE STORE.