When it comes to digital marketing for the travel industry in numbers, they’ll tell you many things.  These will grow your business quicker and spend some more time to manage your social media profiles.

Also, they’ll suggest you ensure to make different online skills for your clients. Mover, you can use it like a vehicle that lets you haul many people from around the world to know about your deals and yourself.

This is why it’s very crucial to make sure using more ways of digital marketing for travel agency. So, we have made a list of things to do while using digital marketing for your travel business.

Why You Should Go Online

Last year, the online travel agents’ users have made more than 600 million opinions and reviews in Trip Advisor. Also, it was reported that above 95% of tourists choose using different online channels for looking to and booking trip places.

This way, the sales of digital travel have a possible projection this year of $755.94 billion. These statistics clearly show you that more and number of the worlds’ population is using online travel services.

And the number is growing every year. So, this is very important to ensure using more ways of digital marketing for your travel business.

Go Mobile

Let’s know some more statistics that will force you to go online and mobile with your travel business. The expectation of the possible growth is 48 million users of tablet travel bookers just in the US.

And the number has exceeded a bit more. When it comes to the UK, Online travel businesses are the most favorite channel to get booking of flights along with hotel deals.

Likewise, more than 50.4 million Smartphone users have booked in the US last. Also, the projected growth of users is more globally. This is why you should strongly think about to go mobile with your travel business.

Using of Social Media

Above half of the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK tourists look for social content. Usually, they look for the big offers and deals that they can use to get their decisions. Besides, another report says, more than 96% of tourists have lean on Instagram to imagine getting in thrilling spots.

Apart from this, there are also figures that above 52% of users of Facebook say travel images have posted by their friends motivated their travel plans. Moreover, Google found that 3 out of 5 tourists look at online travel videos to reduce their choices.

On the other hand, Trip Advisor said more than 73% of travel plans and itineraries of travelers have manipulated by photos and videos from some other travelers.

Video Marketing

The part of video marketing goes under the marketing strategy of multimedia what is making digital storms in digital marketing.

You can make a more individual practice of the preferred locations for your visitors to take pleasure in before going by offering related videos. Likewise, you also should go with content marketing and some other ways.