Dogs are not just loyal; they’re also friendly to their master. But, all dog breeds are not friendly with each member and other pets in the family. Some of the breeds might be as unpredictable as aggressive. It means that all of the entire dog breeds don’t produce friendly dogs.

Some of them might be friendly for humans and other creatures, while some others are maybe not friendly for them. Similarly, some people look for volatile and hostile while some others seek quiet and calm dog breeds.

This content is for you if you’re looking for the friendliest dog breeds for your house. So, before you look for a portable dog water bottle, let’s know about the top 4 best friendliest dog breeds so far.

Golden Retriever

This dog breed is not just famous for its friendliness; it’s also famous for its cuteness. Also, they are as cheerful as calm and confident. These breeds keep their friendliness with everyone and everything. Most importantly, they become friendlier with guests.

Similarly, they’re good and devoted to your family members. It’s because all the time they show enthusiasm to satisfy the family. Likewise, they’re also very kind to the kids of the family. However, it would help if you supervised when the dog is with your kids.

If you train well, a golden retriever will not show any bad manner, such as chewing something. You can include them in the outdoor activities that you do. As they’re very active, they show exceptional eagerness to engage in walking, playing games, hiking, and running.


This is a smaller cute breed of dog. They have thicker silky coats. The personality of this breed is beautiful, as its look. They are not only gentle and playful, but they’re also affectionate. That’s why this ideal dog breed for your family can remain peaceful and pleasant with everybody.

Apart from its playfulness, it’ll impress you by its friendliness of the breed. They like to be with you all time. As a result, a long separation of this breed with a family may affect it badly.

Labrador retriever

For some good reasons, Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They contribute in many fields very exceptionally. They might be a sniffer dog, guide dog, family dog, and show dog. That’s why a large number of people count it as their family dog.

They’re sweet in nature and comfortable with your entire family. They can join you for most types of activities. These include walk, run, hiking, and swimming. They always like to follow you and try to make you satisfied.

You can also teach them many things depending on the training they received in their childhood. It’s great to know that they learn your commands very easily.


‘Gentle giant,’ this could be the Newfoundland breed’s best name fit. And this big dog’s temperament is appealing. They are quiet, soft, and polite. Everyone in the family, including the girls, will be happy in Newfoundland.

But if children are near the dog, supervision is important. When the family is with them, Newfoundland gets really enthusiastic. Yeah, the fellowship is vital.

Beside dogs, you can take a cat as your pet animal. You can give it a lickable cat treat to teach some tricks. The cats are also loyal and harmless animal.