Moving into a new house is surely a daunting task and right after you move in, you just want to become a cleaning machine and start cleaning the house. Between the chaos of everything, you tend to forget even the most common cleaning mistakes and commit some clean-up crimes. Below are mentioned some common moves in cleaning mistakes.

1. Mixing Up Different Cleaners

Without any suggestions from professionals, just to get the best and more effective results, you mix up different types of cleaners together. The mixing of different cleaners along with being unsafe can cause harmful reactions as well on your skin (if it comes in contact) and on the surface that you will use it on. So, never try to be a professional yourself and do such thing. If you want cleaners with fast results, then ask the experts about it and use it only on the surface it is recommended to be used.

2. Using Wrong Chemical Cleaners

In the hustle and bustle of everything after moving in, you can get confused between the chemical cleaners that for what surface they are suitable for. Depending on the ingredients present in the cleaner, they are used only on the surfaces that won’t be damaged by it. For example, if you use a glass cleaner on a wooden surface or a carpet cleaner on electronic appliances then extreme damage would be done. Never swap the cleaners on your own because only experts know that which type of cleaner is safe for a particular surface.

3. Trying to Be the One-Man Army

When you move into a new house, there is a huge number of tasks to be completed and most of them are the cleaning tasks. Never try to be the one-man army and do everything on your own without asking for help. In order to save time and complete the tasks effectively, get your family members involved and allot different tasks to everyone. In this way, things would be done in an orderly manner and you won’t get way too tired by doing everything all alone. On the other hand, you can get professional house cleaning services to do this for you.

4. Not Cleaning Deeply

Moving into a new house means that you have to clean the house from A to Z and every single thing requires proper and deep cleaning. If you have got some renovations done before moving into your new house, then there would be dust stuck on the walls and floor that will go off only when cleaned properly. Moreover, before you put the furniture in its place, ensure that you have cleaned the room with due care and no spot is missed because even these small spots can be a good place for germs and bacterial colonies to grow and spread. Make sure you have got your hands on the right cleaning tools so that deeper cleaning is done making the house a perfectly hygienic place for you and your family.


Don’t get too stressed out during the moving process and get everything done calmly and in an orderly manner so that things are sorted out smoothly. However, the best thing you can for yourself is to hire a move in cleaning service.