As a local SEO consultant services provider, I’m often asked how small businesses can better utilize video marketing.

Many clients assume the video is only relevant for TikTok and Instagram. However, video content is also critical for local SEO and driving real business results on Google.

Specifically, Google Business Profiles now allows and recommends posting high-quality videos.

If utilized properly, the video gives you an immense opportunity to connect with nearby customers, improve your local SEO rankings, and build brand awareness. Here’s what you need to know:

Video Helps You Rank Higher In Local SEO

Google wants to connect users with the most relevant and helpful local businesses.

So when they search for related keywords, Google will rank businesses that provide value to searchers higher.

Well-optimized videos are a powerful way to deliver value, engage potential customers, and signal relevance to Google for ranking purposes.

In fact, according to recent surveys, listings with videos rank on the first Google Search and Maps results page 53% more often than those without. Clearly, the video gives your business an SEO advantage.

best local seo consultant services
best local seo consultant services

Video Boosts Your Google Business Profile Engagement

Suppose a customer is comparing two local businesses on Google.

One listing has engaging videos explaining their services, while the other just has basic information.

Which would you be more likely to contact?

Video helps bring your business to life. It allows you to demonstrate expertise, explain your offerings, and connect with viewers more memorably.

As a result, profiles with video see 70% more clicks through to their website or phone number.

The video also helps you build social proof, with 2X more clicks on your location, directions, and calls to action.

Tips For Creating Effective Google Business Videos

Now that you know why video is vital, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Keep it short – Videos under 2 minutes perform best on Google. Be concise and compelling right away.
  • Optimize for sound off – Many viewers will watch silently in public. Use text overlays to get your message across.
  • Highlight your location – Show off your storefront, signage, or teams to help customers recognize your business.
  • Educate and entertain – Teach viewers about services, share company values, or reveal your expertise.
  • Encourage actions – End each video with a strong CTA to book, sign up, or learn more.
  • Quality over quantity – One professional, high-impact video is better than 10 mediocre ones.
  • Track performance – Use Google Analytics to see what content resonates most with viewers.

Start Connecting with Customers Through Video

Video no longer belongs just on social media. With Google Business Profiles, you have a powerful platform to increase visibility, engagement, and conversions locally.

By publishing strategic, high-quality videos optimized for sound off, you can set your brand apart. Just avoid overly promotional or generic content – focus on being helpful, inspiring, and memorable.