Indeed, we’re going to discuss some open source and free flipping clocks that use CSS and JavaScript in web design Melbourne. The trend of classic flip-modeled clocks was a common attachment for many years.

And this is another stuff that the digital age made obsolete but has not quite forgotten. You’ll find many great clocks have designed in the form of PSD. But, it’s not easy to get working with the code of flip-modeled clocks.

This is why we as a technology agency have done for a search mission to figure out some stunning examples of flipping clocks. Thus, we have collected some gems for you with the below topics that require to take a view on.

Pure CSS

You can be seeking an alternative of the pure CSS3 while moving ahead of JavaScript. In this case, ensure to save the pen as this is one of the best ones we found. Because CSS3 looks like to go a long distance in the department of animation, it’ll yet come up to JavaScript.

However, if you’re familiar with things you’re doing then you can create some nice special effects using code of pure CSS. We like the snippet like an initial point while designing a flipping clock.

Although this animation will not make a feel of 3D that you may expect, it’ll give you the same natural motion illusion. And it’s vital for this type of feature.

Clock in Vue.js

You’ll appreciate one thing mostly about this open-source flipping clock that all its digits have combined into the same squares. However, you’ll find on most flipping clocks that come with their blocks of seconds as well as minutes for every digit.

In our opinion, the clock has a smoother look and it’s a good piece to practice if you’re in the learning stage of Vue.js. If you notice, you’ll find this list provides many types of coding.

Also, some of them don’t use frameworks. You can get some other examples if you use some time searching around CodePen while getting more things out there.

Countdown Clock

Probably you’re not fond of the basics of JavaScript for most of your projects. It’s because you maybe like to use a jQuery user who wants to work with some plugins. This is not an issue.

Don’t let this jaguar script go as it comes with the feature of a fundamental type of countdown clock. When we noticed to its animation, we found that the styles are very smooth as well as simple on the eyes anyway of a web browser.

Pomodoro Timer

No objectives are enough to describe the greatness of this flipping clock. The Promodoro, a special technique was used to build this one. And the clock runs well like a native right in all browsers. When you need to set the clock up, it just requires a click on “Start.’

That means a countdown flipping clock continues animating until you make another click on the “Stop” button. Also, you can change the break time along with the entire working session.