Pianos are a wonderful instrument. They are melodious and relaxing and someone who loves playing the piano is mesmerized by it. But when it gets old and broken, how do you properly get rid of it? Here are some ways.

1. Call in Junk Removal Services

If your piano is beyond repair and has lived its life, then maybe it’s time to call in the junk removal services and get it picked up for good. If you don’t know what junk removal companies are, they are basically professional haulers and they help to haul away junk and take care of it from there.

Junk removal companies can then go forward and either destroy the piano or they can salvage what they possibly can, from it. It is a good way to get rid of a huge piano that has served its purpose for a lot of years and also to house clean out of any kind. Junk removal companies will do the job in a reasonable price, depending on the size of the piano.

2. Repair the Piano

If your piano has some minor faults here and there, then you don’t need to give it away or get rid of it. Pianos can be easily repaired or fixed, if taken to a musical instrument service center. It is usually present from where you get your musical instruments in the first place.

You can call in the people from the service company and have them take your piano with them. It usually takes about a period of 2 to 16 days for a piano to get fixed, depending on the type of fault or repair it needs. After being fixed, your piano will be good as new. So, before giving it away to get rid of, make sure to have your piano checked once for repairs and minor fixes.

3. Sell the Piano

This is also a great option to go for, if your piano is in good condition and you want to sell it. There can be many reasons you are selling your piano, either you don’t have the space to house the piano or you have grown out of your love for pianos, but you don’t want to give it away to junk removal. You can post advertisements in your local newspaper, or you can post an online advertisement on Facebook marketplace or other online forums.

In the advertisement, state the model, year of making and the condition of your piano, also posting some real pictures of your piano will also be a good idea for people to see it. If your piano sparks the interest of anyone, then they will contact you via the details you provide in the advertisement, and you can set up a time for meeting. Seal the deal and you are done!


There you go! As much as it hurts parting ways with your beloved instrument, you will, at least, feel like it is being properly taken care of.