The purpose of your car’s bumper car is to provide additional protection to the bumper, fender grill, and lights for the car. Be it a rear bumper cover or otherwise the purpose of the auto body part remains the same. Being at the very edge of the car means that the bumper covers are exposed to the brunt of any sort of collision your car gets into even when hitting small bumps.

Regardless of the accident, if you see that your bumper cover has been damaged then you should look to install a new one. Installing these auto parts are pretty simple and easy. This DIY hack will make sure that you save money by not going to the local garage for this simple tune-up. Following passages will inform you about what you need to know on installing a bumper cover.

What You Need

You don’t need to be an expert or anything to replace a bumper cover. Nor do you need a lot of tools to install it. The things you need to install a bumper cover is a new bumper cover obviously, a screwdriver, and a towel or blanket.


I believe that when doing something preparation is key. Make sure that you have everything at hand before sitting down to remove and replace the bumper cover. You already know this, but please make sure that the emergency parking brake is engaged so that your car remains stationary while working.


Take the screwdriver and remove the screws and fasteners of the old bumper cover. Make sure you put the screws and fastener away safely and securely as you may need to re-use them in installing the new bumper cover.


Your first priority when installing a new bumper cover is to make sure it is perfectly aligned with your car. When working, make sure that you don’t put the new bumper cover on the ground as it might put scratches on it.

Put the new bumper cover on a towel or blanket. Now carefully align the auto part this is important as it won’t fit properly if not aligned correctly. After this, you should move onto inserting plastic clips through the sheet metal of your car.

Start putting the screws and the fasteners in, make sure you do do this properly to secure the new auto body part in place. Now add any additional bracket that may be required for this particular bumper cover and voila you are done installing a new bumper cover for your car.
General Tips and Advice

So now you know how to install a bumper cover. This is a handy skill for any car owner to know and one of the most basic in my opinion. Knowing this saves you time and money. To save even more money you should be looking for great deals for auto parts online.

There are plenty of stores that will give you exclusive discounts and even free shipping. Make sure you take advantage of these offers. I regularly use PartzRoot for my part needs because of their amazing service. So you need to find a seller that is suited to your liking.

Ordering model specific bumpers will ensure that your car gets the cover that will fit perfectly. Also to ensure that there are no color mismatch order bumper covers that have the same color as your car. A quick note, you may need to use a hex screwdriver for some fasteners.