What is a CT Scan?

CT is the short form of computer tomography so CT scan means a machine that examines the human body by sending a number of rays or radiations. It is different than X-ray because it sends just one radiation while a CT scan sends more than once to get a more detailed and clearer picture of the body organs.

How Does CT Scan Work?

Doctors recommend CT scans for different parts of the where they find it necessary. Normally CT scan is done for head, shoulders, spine, heart, abdomen, knee, chest and other body parts. The doctors recommend the patient to get a CT scan report in order to assess and evaluate the real problem.

The CT scan has more radiations tan an X-ray. When you want to get CT scans of your body parts, the beam of rays falls on that part and around capturing the clear images of the inside. The pictures from different angles are captured and combined into one fine and clear image. One after the other, many photos are created and the computer turns them into a 3D picture. Such a photo makes it easy for a doctor to detect issues and get a clear image of the infections.

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The process of CT Scanning

There are few things patients should know before getting their CT scan reports. When the patient enters the room, they should remove all items like jewelry and other stuff. The hospital provides a gown in order to make the patient feel comfortable. If you have allergy problems, inform the doctor so that they can take care of it.

The patient lies on the table of the machine. All staff leaves the room except in some cases when the patient is a child and either parent is allowed in the room. The machine moves and takes pictures from different angles. The photos are then combined to create the final CT scan report.

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Uses of CT Scans

When it comes to the use of CT scans, they are huge. Other tools and instrument are used for medical imaging but CT scan is one of the best tools for the doctors as well as patients. There are no complex processes involved. The machine completes the scan within minutes and a report is produced that is then sent to the concerned doctors.

  1. Liver, lung, and pancreatic cancers are some cancer types that can be detected with CT Scans. With the images and the report, doctors can locate where the issue or tumor is and this makes treatment easy for the patients.
  2. CT Scans is also done for the head, brain and head parts to detect injuries and capture inside of the damaged part. Swelling and bleeding inside the head is not possible to capture so CT Scans help in this regard.
  3. A number of bone diseases are also captured and detected with help of CT scans. Any fracture or broken bones become visible in the images so doctors can treat the patients accordingly.
  4. For heart patients, CT scan is also recommended. This usually happens for surgeries, operations or heart transplants. Before preparing the patient ready for surgery, doctors get different CT scan, X-ray and other reports to better understand the problem.

You can checkout the video below to know more about CT scan basics.