You’ve probably heard or seen individuals sipping orange-colored wines. Perhaps you’ve tried them. Despite its orange tint, this wine has manufactured from the same grapes used to make white wine. The orange color of this wine is due to the method through which it has manufactured.

White wines are light because the skins have removed immediately after the grapes are crushed. Orange wines are distinct in that they have created from white wine grapes.

But they have exposed to the skins for weeks to months. As a result, the wine might range from pink to orange. Therefore, before you look for engraved liquor bottles, let’s know more about them.

The Taste of Orange Wine

Friction with the skins provides orange wines a taste boost that places them between red and white wines. Orange wines contain more significant bitterness and astringency than white wines but less than red wines.

Astringency in wine causes a dry, chalky sensation in the mouth. This is a texture that you can feel rather than a flavor. Astringency has often seen only in red wines. Try an orange wine if you enjoy full-bodied, flavorful whites.

Take Life by the Stem

Hold the wine glass by the stem at all times. But, why? Many wines have best served cold. However, if you place your hands on the glass, the wine will warm up considerably faster.

If the wine you’re drinking has not refrigerated, your body heat will not affect it. But your hands will create streaks and make it harder to perceive the wine’s color and purity.

An Exception

The “only by the stem” guideline does not apply when the wine has served too cold. Wrapping your fingers over the glass, in this case, will warm the wine, allowing the smells and tastes to deepen.

Want to utilize those $200 custom-designed stemless glasses you purchased with your first-born child’s soul? Not an issue. Just keep it closer to the bottom and lay your glass down between sips to prevent warming it up.

Celebrity Input

Somebody of my best friends, Kate Middleton, found out I was writing this essay. She gave me a photo to show you how to properly handle a glass of wine.

“Just squeeze the stem between your index finger and thumb and you’ll be drinking wine like a royal!” says Kate Middleton in my ideal world to me. She has unrivaled.

Red wine

Red wine is often fermented with the skin still attached to the grapes. So the red, purple, or black grape skins impart their colors to the wine while it ferments.

When it comes to red wine, the color of the wine is determined by the grape skin color. In this case, it has fermented without the skin; thus, no color has left behind. One more thing, I would like to add that you can also search by “custom bottle engraving” for engraving your wine bottle.

The Bottom Line

We don’t ever want you, our valued member/virtual BFF. This is to take a risk that may jeopardize your precious life. Because life is short, wine is delicious, and being a professional mermaid requires much too much time and planning.

Thus, instead of taking life-altering (or life-ending) risks, we devised a list of 5 ways to be a wine risk-taker.