The growth of eye commerce has come in tandem with the age of e-commerce. It’s the ability to purchase your eye care stuff online. These days, more than 1/5th parts of users in the U.S. get their contact lens from online as the photonic products are available on online. Also, the number is climbing gradually.

For many customers of the lens, price, and convenience turn them into the internet when buying lenses. But, do you keep an eye above the simplicity of doing business with the cost savings when you’re buying contacts online? If you don’t do it, you ought to do it.

That’s why we’re here with some things that you should keep in mind while buying contact lens online. It’ll give you mental satisfaction. So, before you look for “spiral phase plates,” let’s know about some tips to buy contact lenses online.

Shop Around

From one seller to another, prices can vary for the same brand’s products. That’s why it may pay to perform some contrast shopping. If you do it, you’ll be able to save some bucks.

Moreover, when you look for coupon codes or cost-cutting deals and look into subscription services. It’s because they sell a large number of contacts. Also, you can get the necessary information on different websites of the lens sellers.

There is another way to reduce your contact lens’s cost: You should check the vision insurance policy for contact lens. And look for if there are any rebates on the purchase.

Check the Prescription of the Contact Lens

Apart from the contact lens’s expiry date, you’ll get the below information with your contact lens prescription:

  • Your name
  • Date of the eye exam
  • Name of its prescribing doctor
  • Lenses curvature
  • Correction power of vision indicates by plus/minus signs.
  • Lenses diameter
  • Lenses brand name

GP lens Institute says it’s vital that who fills your prescription should be complete and accurate. If not, the lenses should not be distributed by the prescriber.

Understand Contacts & Glasses Prescriptions Are Different

You can’t utilize a prescription to buy contact lenses if you get it for eyeglasses. The reason is that lenses of eyeglass position about 12mm from the eyes. But, contact lenses remain straight on your eyes’ surface.

As a result, it’ll want another separate prescription only for contacts. It means that if you have a prescription for eyeglasses, you can’t get a contact lens showing that one. It would be best if you had a prescription for a contact lens to buy it.

Be Cautious Of Online Eye Exams

An expert eye doctor in Nashville recommends it. He says navigating clear online eye exams promoted by a few contact lenses’ e-commerce retailers.

As these things are not possible to get somebody an accurate prescription, they can’t diagnose eye issues that might be occurring. Also, they are not assessing its fit and material with how it interacts with somebody’s anatomy.

Moreover, they don’t alternate for a personal eye assessment and modified contact lens shaping. It means if you need contact lenses, you must have a fitting with your local doctor.