Here is a compelling message to think about: kids close their ears to suggestions but open their minds to example. This takes us to the next thought: why are there so many obsessions with latest baby gadgets and devices?

Since parents are constantly in the technology industry! If we don’t flip through our online profiles every 30 minutes, we know we’ll skip important messages.

We’re not letting things wait and making it all urgent and important. The kid continues to believe it is the way of life to use smart baby gadgets.

Plan the Time

Time to use gadgets and even track how and what they do when they use them. Teach them to discover the educational knowledge that is available, apart from playing and talking.

Go Outdoors

Consider playing outside a must for at least five days per week. Especially on weekends, make sure you go with the child for morning walks and jogs. To make sure he enjoys it outdoors, grant your kid athletic instruction.

Read & Read

Read to your baby and encourage them to grow into voracious readers if they are older. Books are always our closest friends and will still be.

Play Indoors

Play games that are easy for indoor sports with your kids at least four days a week, including puzzles and board games, which can help you enjoy time with them and increase their thinking and logic.

Also, to keep them interested, send them a plethora of activity books. Guide them and teach them to use their time meaningfully.

Apart From Gadgets

When with the kids, keep your own devices aside. The child can understand that the device can be turned off if not desired. “The underlying message is powerful,” The system is for us. We are not for machines.

Create Variety

Track what the child is watching on TV, and ask them to watch various programs during the day at varying times.

For example, if your child is watching the Doraemon cartoon series, there will be two effects: either he can pick up Doraemon’s imagination, or he will learn Nobita’s lousiness and cribbing. It’s easier to give a kid multiple experiences.

Enjoy Eating

At mealtimes, don’t give them devices. Sit down with them to make sure the kid gets at least one family meal for 4 out of 8 days of the week. For 10-15 days, grant you patience, and this habit will grow.

Engage Them

Engage them while they are free, in household chores. It’s better than wasting all the spare time at a technology firm. The work that goes into homemaking, they can experience and appreciate.

For dads, take them to your office space on weekends (if the system permits), so they know you’re working very hard at your desk to get the money.

Take Them with You

Ensure you take your kids with you from a very early age for those meals and trips; otherwise, how can they understand what a social setup is and how to behave? More specifically, if they are left to themselves, they will settle for gadgets once again.