You’re keeping to your 2021 goals of frequently exercising, eating well, losing weight, and feeling fantastic. However, bringing out the blender every day to make up your protein shake mixtures is becoming tedious.

One of the reasons shaker bottles were created was to solve this problem. They’re constructed of rigid materials allowing you to swiftly mix any powdered drink with little mess.

So, whether you’re seeking to supplement your workouts or simply your life, we’ve listed 5 things you must look for to choose the best blender bottle.

#1. Materials

Glass, stainless steel, and plastic are the most popular bottle materials. The one you choose depends on your specific requirements. Although plastic is less costly and lighter, it keeps beverages as cold as insulated stainless steel. It may also absorb some really unpleasant odors.

Stainless steel maintains the coldness of your shakes for extended periods (depending on the brand, this can be for up to an entire day). The glass will not retain foul odors from previous beverages. The problem is it is heavier, and you must be cautious not to drop it.

#2. Whisk Ball

The whisk ball is what makes the shaker bottle noise by blending your protein or pre-workout powder into your beverage of choice. Many are constructed of stainless steel, while others are made of silicone. Depending on the design and bottle combination, both may be excellent blenders.

#3. Maintenance

Not all shake blender bottles can be washed in the dishwasher. Some demand that all components be cleaned by hand, while others allow for part of it to be washed in the dishwasher while the rest is done by hand. Read the instructions carefully.

#4. The Drink Top

While each brand has its unique set of characteristics, you’ll want a leak-proof lid with a cap or spout that’s simple to open and shut securely. An adjustable carry loop is a nice feature for quickly grabbing the bottle or attaching it to your backpack or keys.

#5. Extra Features

Measurement markings, no-slip handles so you can easily grasp the bottle, and a rounded curve bottom that works with the blender ball to whisk away any obstinate powder clumps are just a few of the extra features.

When you want to buy best blender which is an electric model, you should also think about the blade material (stainless steel is the strongest), charging choices, battery life, and cleaning alternatives.


1. Is it necessary to use shaker bottles?

Protein powders, pre-workout supplement drinks, and other pre-workout supplement shakes may be very thick. Shaker bottles aid in breaking up clumps and getting a smoother texture. The bottles also minimize the number of corners and crannies where unmixed powder may collect.

2. How do you clean your protein shaker?

The odor of an unclean protein shaker is unlike any other. The remaining protein mix creates an unpleasant pong if left neglected for even a few hours. Rinse, clean, and rinse (again) with lots of warm water and dishwashing detergent as soon as you’ve completed your protein shake.