The trends keep varying but the styles remain the same. There are a number of styles available in the market. Most of the people don’t have enough knowledge about the furniture styles. Well, here is a guide for furniture styles for you all.

Antique Style Furniture


Antique furniture style is from the ancient times and their items are found rarely. They are usually made out of wood and their rarity, condition, age and the details on it make their value to be higher than others. Antique pieces that are at least 100 years old are called as Genuine Antique and are very high-priced. Sellers assure the buyer of the piece’s authenticity.

Vintage Style Furniture


Vintage furniture is not as old as antique furniture. Vintage furniture lies under 100 years are can be easily recognized by their designs and crafting. Most of the definitions of vintage refers that vintage furniture are made in 20th century. It has comparatively lower prices than antique furniture. Also, you can get your vintage sofa or furniture reupholstered with the help of any “sofa upholstery near me”.

Traditional Style Furniture


This furniture style is a combination of many different styles, for example;

  • Queen Anne period – gracefully, beautifully and elegantly designed furniture.
  • Chippendale style – it involves the lines straightened out with a touch of artistic adornment.
  • Sheraton style – it includes pieces that were so delicate and had legs all tapered with comparative inlays.

Traditional furniture adds warm and a luxurious feel to your house.

Rustic Style Furniture


If you want to give your home a relaxed and pleasing look, then rustic style furniture would be ideal for you. Warm timber along with some natural materials such as cotton, animal hide and linen are used in the making of this furniture. It is also a combination of many styles which gives your home a pleasurable feel.

Art Deco Style Furniture


Art deco style furniture incorporates geometric designs and shapes. Mirrors, glass, chrome and other shiny materials are used. It is a wide-ranging style that gives your house a stylish and likeable look and is of course of great quality.

Retro Style Furniture


This style is a little bit hard to distinguish. You can get confused between vintage and retro furniture or even retro and art deco furniture. Retro furniture represents the traditions and modern culture. It is almost as the same age of our grandparents with some modern touches. Although, many people love styling their home with retro furniture.

Modern Style Furniture


Modern furniture is completely different from other types of furniture. Previously, hard wood materials were used to make furniture, but modern furniture is being made by steel, plastics, molded plywood etc. It includes curves and designs which were never introduced in any of the furniture styles before. If you want to give your house a stylish and lavish look, then go for modern style furniture. And with the help of chair upholstery repair near me, you can keep your modern style furniture new as ever.

There is a large variety of furniture styles out there, you need to get acknowledged well about the styles if you want to furnish your house ideally.