Here is the comparison and main differences between softball and baseball.



• There are nine players in each team. One extra player is also included in each side and is called on need. The two teams bat and field one after the other.
• The major purpose of the batting side is to score more runs while the fielding or team on defense tries to rule out the three players of the batting side to get their turn.
• The bating side stops playing once three of their players are ruled out by the defense side.
• There is no law regarding the gender of the players. But men play more softball game than women.
• There are four bases in the softball diamond-shape ground and the last base is called home plate.
• One run is scored when the batter reaches all the bases and return to home plate without being caught.
• The baseline is usually 60 feet or 65 feet, longer distances in some levels.
• When it comes to communicating or speaking with the officials, only captain is allowed.
• The fielding team has a pitcher, catcher, a player on first base, second base, third base, three deep fielders and short stop.
• If a player is caught violating the rules, he/she is suspended and not allowed to enter the ground until the game is over. After the match, disciplinary committee decides further punishments or suspension time.
• If a player is suspended twice in a season, he/she remains suspended for the whole season with some penalties or punishments.
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• This game has a history as old as two centuries.
• It is more popular and played in North America, Canada and Japan.
• The purpose in the game is to score more runs than the opposite side.
• There are nine innings in every match after which the winner is decided with more scores or runs.
• The ground has a circumference of 9 inches (229 mm).
• The pitching distance is 60 feet, 6 inches (18.44 m).
• Each team has nine players. But in some leagues, tenth player is also allowed for the fielder.
• Bunting in baseball is allowed where it is prohibited in softball matches.
• The run or score is counted when you throw the ball and complete reach all four bases.
• The same rule applies her when it comes to end to an innings by the batting side. After three players of the batting side are ruled out, the fielding side is allowed to bat and score runs.
• When the nine rounds end, score is counted and team with more runs becomes winner. In a case of a tie, an extra innings is allowed to decide the match.
• The fielding side contains a pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, and three outfielders at left field, center field and right field.
• The order is decided before the game starts. Once the game kick-starts, the batting order cannot be changed according to the rules.
• Every batter gets three turns before he/she gets out.
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