Getting reliable and good information is becoming tough these days. That’s why the question raised who you can trust to get accountable, unbiased, and educative guidance when you get issues to solve.

For a good issue, or a worse one, there are lots of sources to get different information. Because of so many sourcing links of your desired information, there is a growing trend of misconceptions.

From social media to RIS vs PACS, you’ll hardly find biased information that you’re looking for. Thus, all things are getting a matter of debate. This is also same for the image sharing and for medical image sharing too; let’s know some of them below:

Not Cost Effective, Difficult & Naturally Secure

You may don’t put much consideration into how medical images have sent different doctors if you get an MRI. But, the providers of healthcare do. In recent time, the image-sharing system of electronic has moved to popular method.

But, due to misinterpretations about privacy and costs, some suppliers are still suspicious about using this system. The matter of image sharing has advertised too strongly that people are thinking this is as cost-effective as an easier and naturally secured way of storing medical images.

But, this is not so costly, difficult to access, and very secured.

Medical Image Sharing Is Not HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA passed aiming to protect public health information with the availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Many people annoyed thinking that sharing images electronically is not HIPAA compliant.

It’s not true information anyway. Also, medical image sharing is indeed more secure than burning a CD or DVD. It’s because there is not chance to leave it accidentally outside of your office like a tired staff.

Also, it’s safer to send via email than sending a corporal copy. As the electronically image sharing auditable and encrypt able, it’s easier to use for both doctors and patients.

It Requires the Cloud

It’s a thinking about image sharing that it needs cloud storage and a large number of people think it. Also, all of the pitfalls and risks come with keeping data eternally online. Its true cloud is essential to share the records, but they’re not important.

This misconception has grown up from the matter of how frequently the cloud has employed in some other information-sharing formats. But, this is not essential for the system of image sharing.

It Is Very Expensive

It looks like it’s a difficult matter to sharing the image online in terms of cost. But, this is not as expensive as you’re thinking. Many vendors may show that it’s somewhat expensive than creating a CD.

But, they don’t think about the cost of CD burning with maintenance, time-consuming, and its postage cost. For example, if a hospital burns a single CD every day, they spend more than $5,000 per year.

This is almost a few times more expenditures than using an electronic option. So, you may need a $500 to $1,000 for the cloud-based store.