The potential benefits of all-over testing far outweigh any negatives on this procedure. The experts believe that they can overcome all of the rapid testing barriers such as cost and place by introducing new kits.

Suppose we want to avoid the third wave of Coronavirus in late 2021. In that case, we need to immediately deploy the rapid testing besides the vaccination process.

If you are Googling “COVID 19 testing near me“, here are the reasons why not only you but everyone should be tested.

#1 Testing Save Lives

Checking all individuals for SARS-CoV-2, including those without symptoms, who exhibit signs of infection such as difficulties breathing, fever, sore throat or lack of sense of smell and taste, and who may have been exposed to the virus may help deter the transmission of COVID-19 by recognizing individuals on time who require treatment.

A positive test early in the course of the disease helps patients isolate themselves, decreasing the probability of infecting others and encouraging them to seek care sooner, probably reducing the disease’s seriousness and the possibility of long-term injury or death.

#2 Let You Travel

Many people are excited to fly and enjoy holidays following weeks of shelter-in-place orders. Others are resuming business journeys, too. However, in certain cases, you would have to take a COVID-19 exam beforehand.

For example, for incoming passengers, Alaska lifted its mandatory 14-day quarantine if they have evidence of a negative COVID-19 examination taken within 72 hours of boarding a flight to the state. Before leaving for any destination, it is necessary to verify all travel restrictions to prevent unexpected surprises and extra expenses.

#3 Protecting Communities

The populations of colour are overwhelmingly burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic. People in these groups are important workers who cannot work at home, raising their chance of exposure to the virus.

Furthermore, if one household member gets infected, multi-generational living conditions or multi-family housing structures may cause the virus to spread more rapidly.

Therefore, in these populations, COVID-19 will spread easily, and the effect of that spread is not so great. To disrupt this spread, diagnosing, especially of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people, is key.

#4 Surgical Procedure

Hospitals are now resuming these operations following a ban on elective surgical procedures during the pandemic’s early days, albeit with precautions in place. You may be asked to take a COVID-19 PCR test before accessing the hospital if you live in a place with a local or regional COVID-19 presence.

Your procedure could be postponed until you have two negative tests at least 24 hours apart if your result is positive. The surgical facility can ask you to take a PCR test or only be tested for symptoms if you reside in a region with little to no COVID-19 presence.

The Reality of Rapid Testing

Though it is well-intended, it just may not be worth it when it comes to COVID-19 testing sites for the whole population. Testing probably will not be sufficient if any reliable vaccination does not come soon.

So, till the vaccination is available for the masses, we need to follow the health protocols we have followed throughout the year and Pray!