When you go to the market, you can find plenty of fitness trackers, watches displayed. But you don’t know which one to buy. Not only you, even the professional athletes feel confused while buying fitness trackers. So, before you search for fitness watches for sale, read this. It may help you find the best tracker for you.

Almost all fitness watches use some sensors to monitor your heart rate, sleeping hours and an accelerometer to measure your movement. And if you want to monitor your pace, steps, burned calories, distance covered, you will need some advanced watches. Look before what you wanna buy.

#1 Accelerometer

If you are a runner, you might look for a tracker that has an accelerometer. Try to find the one that also measures the distance covered, heart rate, calories burnt, and most of all, easy to wear while running.

#2 Compatibility

If you are a swimmer, you should go for a highly compatible watch with your wrist. And also has an ip67 or ip68 rating. The tracker with an ip67 rating can stay up to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. The tracker with an ip68 rating can go more than 1 meter.

#3 Heart-Rate Monitoring

# If you are a heart patient, you will need a watch that has a heart rate. Some of the advanced looks also offer VO2 max and recovery rates. Another type of watch was launched recently that also detects if there is any kind of unusual heart rate. These can be helpful in your everyday life. These watches can keep track of your fitness, help you measure your health situation.

Now some extra things might be an aspect for you.

#4 Display

Some trackers are linked with your phone with an app, and some have a display on the watches. So, if you want to check your phone every time you want to see your pace or heart rate, then go for the app-linked ones. Or if you are a fancy guy, want to know the situation by looking at the watch, then go for a display.

#5 Accuracy

Not all the trackers can show the exact accurate results. Nowadays, there so many trackers that don’t show the correct data. Try to find the original sound quality watches. Otherwise, they won’t be of any use.

#6 Battery Life

This depends on the type of person you are. Some watches will give you a daily backup, and some might provide you with backup for 3 to 4 days. Besides, battery backup depends on usage.

#7 Pricing

The most crucial part for most people, maybe even for you. There is the various price range for fitness watches. Watches are ranging from $30 to $1500. Of course, the one with a higher price will give you much more value. So, try to find your exact need and buy accordingly.

Fitness watches can be a useful device for you if you are a health-conscious person. So, try to buy the watch that you need for your health.