Checking your car’s engine oil is a fast and easy maintenance project that can be performed by almost any driver himself. And if you don’t feel up to the challenge of replacing your fuel oil, you’re sure to be able to try it out on your own.

About every three months or three thousand miles, most models can have an oil shift. You should check the motor oil levels between your daily scheduled oil changes to ensure that it is not too deficient or polluted.

So, before you look for automobile repair shops, check your vehicle’s engine oil by following these necessary steps.

Get a Fur Lint Rag

When testing your gasoline, find a lint-free rag or a piece of old cloth to use. Usually, an old t-shirt fits well.

Read the Owner’s Manual

If you’re incredibly unfamiliar with what is under your vehicle’s hood, you can find a detailed explanation in your owner’s manual of where your dipstick is mounted.

Warm the Car Up

If you find it wet, it is advisable to take your oil. After a fast ride to a local store or around your area, it’s a perfect time to test your diesel.

Turn the Car Off

Before you start the process of testing the gasoline, make sure you turn your car off.

Pop the Hood

Drag the handle on the car’s interior, generally in favor of the driver’s side door, and press the lever under the middle of the hood. Ensure that the car’s hood has safely installed. If you do not know how to open the hood, there’s no point in feeling ashamed.

Find the Dipstick

In this step, the dipstick on the left side of the engine has found on most models. The dipstick has typically an easily noticeable yellow or orange circular handle.

A long piece of metal will slip out of the engine as you grab this stick. The dipstick’s cap would generally be yellow.

Clean Your Dipstick & Reinsert

Clean it with your rag and slip it back in until you find and remove the dipstick. Ensure to put the dipstick back in. Pull the dipstick and examine the next one, then remove the dipstick again.

Look at the dipstick at the top. Some models will have a line marked “complete,” and others will have a textured area reflecting the oil pan’s power. The oil tends to be amber in color.

Lower Oil Level or Dirtier Oil

When the dipstick shows that the amount of oil is insufficient, two fingertips touch the dipstick’s end and sense the oil’s texture. You should apply new oil using a funnel if the oil is clear.

It is necessary to get the oil changed as soon as possible if the oil is gritty. The oil looks black and dirty in the picture; it’s about time to change it Testing the oil level of your vehicle is an easy job that only takes a few minutes to do.

After all if you aren’t able to check the engine or if there you can find any problem with your engine you can go to nearest auto parts store.