When you’re on a tour out of your town, you’ll stay in a hotel. If you check out the bathroom as the first area, then you’re in a nice company. For many people, the hotel bathroom is the determining factor of how they recognize the general hygiene of the room. Probably, the reason is that the bathroom is one of the privately used areas.

No matter what the reasons are, you may feel fairly better about other rooms if you find a sparkling bathroom. Also, when guests visit your house, they judge it in the same way that you do. Although it’s the smallest place in your house, it’s not so easy to keep in bright. But, it’s not a matter of something impossible if you know some tips. So, before you call some junk removal Austin service providers, take look on the below tips which will help you to clean your bathroom without hiring Austin shed removal services.

Dust & vacuum

Take a microfiber cloth and start working from top to bottom. Dust the shelves, light fixtures, and everything that gathers dust. After that use the vacuum to clean the crevices along with other tough spaces and at last the floor.

Dusting and vacuuming is the starting point as they remove dirt, dust, and hair to proceed to your next cleaning process. So, when you clean them, you don’t need to move hair and dust from one place to another in your bathroom.

Heat All Things Up

It’s important. If you heat up your bathroom tub along with the tile and porcelain just 10 degrees more than normal temperature, it’ll allow the cleaning process more effectively with some specific cleaners like alkaline.

Then fill your bathtub’s bottom filling with some inches of the very hot water and let it remain for some time. It’ll help to clean easily and successfully the surface of ceramic and porcelain.

Turn to Loose the Uncontaminated Spray

Now it’s time to spray antibacterial cleaner by draining the tub. You’ll have to spray on tile, tub, wall, sink, and toilet and on the floor at last. Keep in mind that you can spray just on anywhere.

But, don’t forget to work starting from the top and end at the bottom when it comes to the spraying. Thus, ensure the complete coverage of your bathroom with antibacterial spray.

Scrub & Rinse

When it comes to scrubbing the tiles and tub, you have to use a soft scrubbing brush or abrasive pad that’s non-scratched. Don’t leave a single inch of your bathroom without scrubbing. If you find some hard to remove stains, you can use Magic Eraser that works very effectively.

Then rinse the entire area that you have scrubbed. You’ll have to do it very carefully as the rinsing matters much. It’s because there is a chemical of cleaners and antibacterial spraying. When you leave cleaning the whole bathroom with plenty of water, it attracts more grime and dirt.

And you have to dry it up using some dry clothes and then use a good shining spray to make your bathroom sparkling.