No one should be the driver or take on what could be a snowy evening, try hiring a limo for your company vacation party. Come and ride a stretch limo, SUV, party bus, truck, or bus trips to concerts with your working squad.

So, you can appreciate your company holiday experience without thinking about getting around. The business programs have built to suit the employees’ needs.

Sit back and enjoy the trip, Limo will take tension off travels. Here are some excellent choices to remember if you did not want to come for your evening.

Three Dots & a Dash

It that freeze outside, but it is a tropical paradise inside the walls of Three Dots and a Tap. The Lagoon, the Island, the Cove, the Luau Room, and the Bamboo Room are all places to parties for a relaxed corporate party.

Remember: when served in cocoas or bamboo cups, cocktails are always better. Three dots and a Dash would provide by our client limo rentals leaving from you.

Untitled Supper Club

The event was in 1920 on the River North site, where parties between 15 and 750 conducted. Reminiscent of a ban, almost all companies feature dark wood, sunny boots, and gold-coated mirror.

Also, there are several unique areas to quiet, cabaret, and entertain the thirst of your coworkers. For your party, you can hire a limo stretch from Limo from many renowned companies.

10Pin Chicago

Visit with your staff the 10Pin Chicago venue for your business vacation party. With this North State Street venue, where up to 400 people can participate; your colleagues will be delighted.

Box, watch ping pong and fire pool with drinks, and appreciate the full kitchen. If you choose to mix business and fun, you can screen personalized presentations from an HD video wall.

Savage Smyth Rooftop

This venue has a synthetic ice rink of 1500 square feet on the roof, perfect for your company holiday party. Up to 50 skaters can find on this huge ice rink. Within there is a loft room of 8,000 square feet that enables you to mix, party, drink, and dine.

Make sure your caterers or suppliers have brought. Trust in this holiday season our corporate limousine rental services. Limo services like concert limousine service provides fast holiday departures and pick-up times. We would be operating on a plan that suits the organization’s requirements along with the staff.

Fulton Market Kitchen

What do you name an art gallery, a cocktail bar, a hotel, a sweet fun spot? What is it all like? The room itself is an imaginative production that is ideal for all sorts of business activities.

The location varies regularly, as the bar and dining area have made up of various musicians. More than 250 people can enjoy a great holiday night. Trust our limo service to hit Fulton Market Kitchen on schedule. Could you take note of us?


Take a peek at the silver polyesters and frames, and relive the 1970s nightclub days of Nightclub in the River North. Electric walls, mirrored doors, fluffy sofas, and tapestry are clearly in effect.

Up to 100 visitors will experience unique drinks, laboratory exhibits, and disco-friendly music. It’s the most fabulous retro!