Every season, at least tens of guys on our ski- and snowboard courses ask me this question without fail: ‘What do you think are the finest runs in Whistler?’ It is hardly surprising that they seek instruction from me. This is North America’s largest resort.

It has formally marked on the area map with more than 200 trails. Skiing is too much! And it’s much more daunting if all the covert descents are taken into consideration.

This is only those who are fortunate enough to spend ten or more years searching its maze. Here are my five descents that you must 100% drives on the next trip to Whistler Blackcomb without further ado. So, before you look for used skis for sale, let’s begin!

Blue Line

Early in the morning, it is the best location to find your feet. For most of the filming, Blue Line is my place. And we are doing our All Tracks videos on skiing technology. Standing at the summit, on either mountain, you are at the highest point.

The air is fantastically chilly, and the ideal shape is always dry and squeaking straight after the first lift. You can’t ask for better conditions if you want to work on your carving. This is the way to compete with some of the finest in Europe. And it’s all the inspiration I need to start my day at the office.


The snowfall is more than 10 meters each year. It’s from the top of the first chair to wherever I feel it settled most throughout the night. Numerous days don’t allow beautiful corduroy to warm up.

Indeed, certain days lead to a warm-up, more like a frenzied push of poles. These are the days when running decisions are essential. It’s because you know that you’re not seen as a fellow skier by other riders. But, as a rider, you are.

Gun Barrels

Three of the best circuits per day are the cuts in the outer ridge of Harmony Bowl. You got something over 10cm of fresh snow. The distance from the top of the Harmony Express is four minutes. However, they hardly generate a lot of traffic.

Often in the afternoon of any given sunny day – or even the next day, I find fresh lines here. The steep access from the cat trail above gives you a feeling of freefall as you enter the well-planned rivers below. Play on the ground and accomplish whatever you need to do in deep snow.

Whistler Peak Runs

If, despite the large carbon imprint which you left until the end of your day (including the hilarious implications of our sport), you never attempted to ski, let me tell you that nothing really seems like the sense you have put deep in the backland, presented only with new snow.

Skiing and boarding many experiences heli-ski retractions after returning with Whistler Heli-skiing from a day’s experience has been so addicting. To make this impact easier, I suggest climbing up the Whistler Peak Chair and experience some of North America’s greatest alpine terrain with your ski gear and snowboard equipment.