With the increase in overseas travel, the demand for using a phone with an overseas calling option is also highly increased. As a result, you’ll find travel SIM cards with unlimited international calls packs are plentiful these days. So, before you jet off, they want to make it simple to prepare for your overseas tour. Also, you’ll be able to turn on your phone and away you go when you land there. That’s why the days have gone when you had needed to get by with a scrawly postcard to your mum to sent information about you. In these days, you have the great options to use your phone plan as a simple way that’s at a reasonable price. But, all of the travel SIM cards and overseas roaming packs are not made in the same way.

So, let’s know something about unlimited international calling SIM card in Australia.

A Comparison of Travel SIM Cards and Roaming Packs

For some good reasons, Vodafone is famous for their $5/day roaming plan. You’ll be getting used your phone plan as normal for this $5 for every day and it’s as much simple to use as you’re using your phone in Australia. In this postpaid plan, you have to pay $10 for every 1GB when you’ll exceed the data limit. On this $5 roaming plan, you can call to the most popular countries in the world. Roaming add-ons start at $25 for prepaid plans that bring you 30 talk minutes, 100MB of data, and 30 SMS with a 3-day expiry time.

Telstra International Roaming Plans

If you’re avid of Telstra, you can get their $10/day plan and the plan is a postpaid deal. Also, you’ll be able to activate it through account settings or the Telstra app easily with the ‘International Day Pass’. While using this plan, it’ll provide you unlimited talk & text with 200MB data every single day. But, don’t forget one thing that it’ll cost a $10 for 500MB when you’ll exceed the limit. As a part of the deal, you can go through much of Europe and Asia and North America. If you like to trip to New Zealand, the charge is lowered to only $5 for every day. ‘Pay as you go’ rates will get applied if you want to use your phone for countries that are not in this plan. For example, a call costs $4/minute when you’re traveling to the Congo.

Optus International Roaming Plans

If you choose its 12-month postpaid plans, it offers you a dead-simple approach to overseas roaming. For $10 a day, you can simply make active a ‘Travel Pack’ that comes with unlimited talk time and text with 100MB data for Zone 1 countries to use. When you’ll get the account settings through their website, or using their app, you can activate the Travel Pack at the same time and at the same way. Pay-as-you-go rates will be deducted if the prepaid customers can use ‘Extras Credit’ for roaming.