One of the best nutritional products that you can take is dietary supplements. They are designed to mimic your daily intake of nutrients. By doing so, the supplements help to bring in the nutrition that your body lacks. All nutritional products are considered safe and have immense benefits for health. However, some supplements surely are riskier than others. Therefore, we have gathered here to discuss the pros and cons of consuming dietary supplements.

The Pros

1. Daily intake of supplements prevents health conditions like cancer, diabetes, etc. Adding vitamin supplements to your diet can cure illnesses caused by vitamin deficiency. For example, if you have night blindness due to a deficiency of Vitamin A, consuming a Vitamin A supplement will help you. If you suffer from iron deficiency, iron supplements will take care of that.

2. Vitamins C and E are known as antioxidants. They eliminate free radicals that can destroy cells. These two vitamins may help reduce the toxic effect of chemotherapy drugs as well.

3. Multivitamin supplements are combined with more than one type of vitamin. So, they target a more significant part of health problems and deficiencies. But in most cases, you don’t need a multivitamin, so individual nutritional supplements work as well.

4. Nutritional products aren’t limited to pills only. They are available in various forms such as drinks, gummy, chewable tablets, etc. So, if you hate taking pills, you can try the other forms. However, the pill forms are more efficient than the others.

The Cons

1. Dietary supplements don’t go under the FDA’s supervision in the U.S. So, there’s no way to prove if the supplements are either safe or effective. The FDA maintains a list of harmful products marketed as dietary supplements, though. These harmful products remain in weight loss supplements, bodybuilding pills, etc.

2. Excessive vitamin consumption can cause various health problems. For example, vitamin K can reduce the effectiveness of blood thinners. Prolonged usage of Vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage. Vitamin E can cause nosebleeds, etc. Therefore you should always talk to a doctor beforehand. Vitamin C can cause diarrhea when taken in a larger amount.

3. Not all brands can be trusted. Because the U.S doesn’t regulate these natural supplements so strictly, companies can manufacture gimmicky and fake products containing harmful substances. Don’t be duped! Take time to research companies for natural products online. If possible, visit the brand’s website, read reviews, and do in-depth research. You can even ask your doctor if they would recommend supplements from the said brands.


These are some pros and cons of nutritional supplements and products. There’s no harm in consuming supplements as long as you aren’t overdosing yourself and taking a doctor’s advice. A trusted and reliable brand is everything when it comes to choosing supplements. So, read nutritional products international reviews as much as you can. We hope this article has been an eye-opener for you!

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