Any dermatologist we spoke with raved about the advantages of micro-needling. To enhance the appearance of lesions, increase collagen, or promote hair growth, the minimally invasive procedure may be used all over the body, from the scalp to the knees.

The activity dates back to 1995, but digital technologies, such as YouTube and Instagram, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Thousands of videos feature the mesmerizing method.

Before Googling micro-needling treatment near me, here is everything you should know!

What Is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is a minimally intrusive cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen synthesis to treat skin problems. This procedure, also known as collagen induction therapy, can benefit people who want to get rid of acne scars and stretch marks.

It’s also used in anti-aging treatments, including eyelid surgery and treating sunspots. Although the potential function of collagen in hair development, micro-needling is ineffective for hair loss. Beside this you need to know about “micro-blading Jacksonville fl”for removing unexpected hair.

If you’re in good health and have skin conditions that haven’t adapted to home therapies or other dermatologic procedures like peels, you may be a good candidate for this procedure.

This may also be the last move before deciding on plastic surgery for anti-aging and other issues. Learn more about micro-needling and discuss it with your dermatologist to see if it’s appropriate for you.

How Does Micro-Needling Work?

Micro-needling stimulates the development of collagen in your skin. The theory is that the procedure’s pinpricks cause minor skin inflammation. The skin reacts by producing new collagen-rich tissue.

As a result, the fresh skin tissue has a more uniform color and feel. It’s normal for the skin to shed collagen as it ages or as a result of an injury. More collagen may be generated due to stimulating the skin to make fresh tissue, resulting in firmer skin.

What Is the Cost of Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling sessions range in price from $100 to $700 per session. The majority of face procedures cost about $300 per session.

Micro-needling is not protected by insurers unless it is considered a surgical or decorative treatment. You should think about all of the expenses before sticking to the treatment to not have any unexpected bills.

Targeted Area for Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is most often used on the face to strike the following areas:

  • scars from acne
  • age spots
  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • pores
  • scars of various kinds
  • less skin elasticity
  • unbalanced skin tone

Micro-needling is often used to heal stretch marks in other parts of the body, in addition to facial concerns. This technique is also used to treat scarring in other areas of the body.

Are There Any Dangers of Negative Consequences?

Micro-needling, like all cosmetic treatments, carries some risk. Minor skin inflammation is the most frequent side effect right after the surgery. For a few days, you can see redness. You may start to experience more severe side effects, such as:

  • bruising,
  • swelling,
  • inflammation, and
  • peeling

If you’re breastfeeding, have some skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, or have open wounds, you may not be a good candidate for micro-needling.