A cold shower after a hectic day is one of the most relaxing things you can get. However, you will not enjoy it if the water does not drain properly and you have to stand over a poodle. The best way to enjoy shower on a hard floor is a sturdy Linear Drain. This elongated channel will not only remove the water but will also keep the floor dry.

There are numerous options in the market, and they can confuse you easily. You have to consider many options while choosing the drain. To make your job easy, we have rounded up some of the best in the market.

Have bath QL120402I Linear Shower Floor Drain

This elegant drain system is made of stainless steel and comes with a Brushed Nickle finish. With a multipurpose cover, this linear drain has a 2-inches high flow outlet.

One of the best things about this shower drainer is its 304 high-grade built and rectangular design. Additionally, this 12-inches long drain will work with any 2-inches PVC base for shower drain base.

Oatey 42238 ABS Shower Drain

Oatey drain has a unique square shape with strong grate. This super drain system comes with both 2 and 3-inches size. Despite the limited color choice, this multipurpose drain system can work in both residential and commercial settings.

This sturdy drain has ABS built and can be installed without removing bolts. You can use this water removal system with a shower pan liner. The only issue that can bother is the lack of any warranty period. 

KES SUS304 Stainless Steel Shower Floor Drain

If you prefer to cover the drain while not in use, KES SUS304 will be the best choice for you. The stainless steel built gives it durable longevity. The cover ensures no insect crawls out or bad odor from the drain outlet.

You can use this multitasking drain system in both shower and kitchen. The extensive profile Linear Drain will smoothly remove water in the quickest time. If you had issues with mice or other crawlers into the open drain before, you could be stress-free this time. The cover will stop them.

Hane QS050502I Square Shower Floor Drain

The best thing about this square drain is you can install it almost anywhere in the shower. No matter it is in the middle or on a corner, there will be no standing water. This stunning-looking drain comes with a Brushed Nickle finish.

You do not have to face any issue while installing the water removal system. This is easy to fit and adjustable anywhere. The best industry standard provides longevity. Additionally, you can use 2-inches shower drains with it.

Having an efficient linear drain on the shower is essential for a relaxing experience. Thus, choosing the appropriate drainage system is necessary for a smooth shower experience. You can pick out of the five linear drains to install in your shower.

No matter which one you choose, we can ensure one thing, you will get the best. Same way, you should research other drains too before you choose your one like trench drain.