Transferring X-rays, MRIs, and CT scan into CD or DVD is an ineffective way to deliver medical images. There are some better options with the advanced technology of these days where even DICOM viewer Android is available.

Instead of using these old-dated media, you can use your smartphone as well which can be used as android DICOM viewer. But, if you need to get your medical images, you’ll still get a CD/DVD with your reports. For patients and physicians, this innocuous and simple process becomes quite a problem.

Why You Should Not Get Your Images On CD/DVD

The reasons are many to avoid using CD/DVD. Let’s know some of them. The most annoying reason is that the latest laptops and computers don’t come with CD/DVD drive. When the images come with that media, they usually have their own player or viewer.

Every viewer has own and different functions, commands, and features. So, it may not work on your system. Also, they can get damaged easily with the risk of losing or forgetting.

As a result, you may fall in delayed care or miss an appointment. Another big reason is that they should buy CD/DVDs and send them to their patients’ addresses, which is costly and time-consuming.

CD Burning Needs a Non-Refundable Charge for Your Doctor

When someone thinks about burning CDs for their patients’ images, they might not aware of its costs. Also, the costs make a load on the patients where doctors don’t have anything to pay.

It’s a type of growing trend to pass the changes to the patients. It’ll be inexpensive for them and also for their patients while using the latest ways to simply move their images to the Smartphone and other mobile devices.

Besides, the meaning of this delivery system is that it doesn’t cost to make a delay. But, it often happens with the mailing system.

Easy to Take Images On Your Smart Devices

Most people use a smartphone with them wherever they’re going somewhere or not. So, you can meet your doctor for next time without CDs while having a Smartphone. You can take the images up on your phone and share them with your doctor if they need.

Imagine that you can deliver your records and images to your doctor with a single touch. Even you can send it to the appointed doctor before you reach them.

Keep Your Private Health Information Confidential

As we have said already CD/DVDs tend to lose any time. This is why your personal information can fall in risk while they reach to some wrong hands. Also, there are risks of losing and damaging while delivering them via mail.

But, if you keep them on your phone, it’ll remain under multi-factor verification to open. It means that your information will be remaining in a more secure place than keeping on CD/DVD.

Indeed, your phone doesn’t keep the images itself. But, it has permission to access them and share with your desired doctors and consultants. These are why the time has gone when doctors used to burn CDs or DVDs.