You probably need to know the review f the recipients of CDs who consider your existing practice. It’s because you still might have not convinced to stop burning discs for patients.

Many times we get the complaint that subspecialists like to avoid viewing CDs that patients come with. Usually, these complaints come due to some specific reasons and they indicate burning CDs are gone years ago.

It also indicates that this is the time of using the latest technology to share your medical images like DICOM viewer Mac freeware. Well, let’s know what the reasons are you should leave the practice of burning CDs for your medical images.

CDs Take Long Time to Load Their Images

All busy physicians count their every minute. They remain busy to complete their EHR records and reviewing many other things. These include working with their patients, determining their diagnosis, and treatment plan.

In this time, if a patient comes with a CD that needs to review, it makes an issue into their extremely busy day. They’re in lack of having a large patient to view a CD because of slower technology. For example, the subspecialist has a PC with an essential CD drive.

While getting late for slower loading the images and appear in late, he/she surely will leave it to view. And they’ll go for some other important tasks. Thus, your CD remains without review. So, it’s the best and latest way to share medical images using cloud-based storage.

The CD Is Locked & They Don’t Have Its Key

In many countries like the USA, imaging CD providers offer it with the proper security to their users. This is why they burn a CD for their patients with an encrypted way along with the unlocking key.

As a result, it’s not possible to open for reviewing until your subspecialist doesn’t have the key. It may happen you forget to provide the key to open the CD for viewing by the subspecialist.

This matter makes them frustrating and they just leave it and accomplish some other essential things. That means the discs and their related works are practically worthless these days.

A Better Way Is Out There to Deliver Medical Images

You can resolve these all the above-said and even what is not said if you use the latest technology. It would much easier if you simply use your smartphone or laptop to send the images with a simple link for a review of the subspecialist.

It’d enable them to view the images right in their office at a convenient time. The alternative way that we’re talking about it is much simple and easier to use and make your reviewer happier. It’s to get your images in an electronic medium like EHR or storing them on the cloud storage.

When it comes to cloud storage for DCM viewer free, it’s indeed the task of the imaging center. They’ll provide you the access to your images and records that will enable you to view and share with subspecialists or specialty physicians.