During winter one of the most common occurrences are foggy windows. This is because during winter cold air outside condenses on your window which warm due to the inside of the car being heated. This is a real nuisance and can even decrease the visibility of your car. This turns into a niggling problem when you are trying to go somewhere during winter. So there is a simple 4 step process you can follow to defog your car’s window. 

First, put the heat on high. Then turn the AC on. After that, you need to deactivate the air recirculation and then roll down the car windows. Then just roll down the windows. So that’s how you can defog your car fast. In the following passages, we will talk about points regarding the fog pile-up on your car’s window. 

Why do Car Windows get Fogged Up?

So cold weather contains much less moisture and humidity than warm weather. If you are getting your car with a wet jacket or maybe snow on your shows. These are some of the common ways your car gets introduced to moisture during winter. Other ways include you and your passengers breathing into the inner chamber. 

Human breath is hot and humid and hence it introduces moisture to your interior. Even something as simple as bringing a cup of coffee in introduces humidity within the internal chambers. Then as time goes on and the car starts to heat up the humidity starts foaming at the windshield. This can eventually lead to poor visual conditions. 

Defogging Details

So here are the details of the fast defogging process I mentioned earlier. 

Turn up the Heat: This is the first thing that you need to do when defogging. You need to make sure you turn up the heat to blast. This will ensure that most of the moisture from the interior is absorbed. 

Turn on the Air Conditioning:So this step may seem a bit counterproductive to you but trust me this works. Turn on the Air conditioning. When you do, the cold air will absorb any sort of excess moisture there may have been in the air. 

Turn off Air Recirculation: The next step is to let in cold winter air from the outside. This will help with the defogging process. You need to turn off the air recirculation process of your car. Just push the button that shows a curved arrow inside a car symbol. You need to do this because of colder air from the outside has less to no moisture compared to the inside of your car. 

Crack Open the Windows: The last step of the process is to open up the side windows. Yes, it most probably will be uncomfortable for you and your passengers but you need to do this. Just keep it open for a little while. To speed up the defogging process you can open up all the windows. This way all the humid air will be replaced faster. 

Parting Words

So there you go, a fast process to defog your car’s window. Remember during winter defogging your window is the least of your worries. During the full swing of winter, accidents may happen due to lack of visibility. Now you may need car front bumper guard replacement due to a parking mishap. Or you may require window replacement parts due to hail or other animals that are prevalent during winter. You may even have door locks and handle trouble due to the cold. So make sure you check up on your car regularly and take steps to remedy any problem that may arise during the winter.